Rackheath Neighbourhood Plan

Nearly there....

We had a really productive meeting last night; our policy document is now on its 3rd draft and heading towards completion.  Minor amendments will be made this week.

Our public consultation dates will be mid October and as before these will be located at 3 sites;

  1. Village Hall,
  2. Holy Trinity Church
  3. B2B Lounge on the Industrial Estate. 

These events will enable the community of Rackheath to view and comment on the policies proposed.  Our final policy document will be available online as well as printed off and placed at key local points within the community.

So where are we at.....

August has been a busy month for the neighbourhood team; we've visited a number of Norwich development sites (existing and new) with a view to seeing what works and what doesn't work.  The main points the team picked up on where:

  • Parking is persistently a problem
  • Continuity between different developers on a site is key to create a good quality feel and design
  • Pathways must be of a sufficient size to accommodate pushchairs and children
  • Play spaces work well with natural surveillance and fit in well when trees and shrubs are planted to enhance the space.
  • Using existing trees and features enhances a development
  • The density of a development can make or break the feel of a development - this is a key point when trying to retain a green rural village feel.

We are continuing work on our polices and these will be available shortly for review by the community. 

August Meeting

Looking forward to our meeting this evening... we will be reviewing and strengthening the 2nd draft policy document as well as formulating supporting maps and details.  Not long until the next consultation with the community.... watch this space for details.

Engagement with Rackheath Young People

Yesterday a few of our comittee visisited Rackheath primary school to run a session with year 5 and 6 pupils to discover what they want to see in our developing community, their feedback can be found on our website.